Antal's Best Designs

Antal Best Seller sailboat equipment

Antal's skilful engineers and mechanics know what it takes to innovate your sailboat experience. 

Fabricated and assembled in Padova, Italy. The Antal team put pride into their work for a product of excellent quality.  

These innovative designs result in high performance products such as all these best sellers;


Speedylock Winch Handle; the speedy and ergonomic design to lock and unlock the winch handle.

V-Grip Clutch SystemA rope locking design for clutches with pressure on 3 sides for greater load distribution. 

DV Locking System; A double V-Grip design aimed to decrease line wear and tear along with increasing the holding strength. 

Line Driver; A genoa or mainsail traveller control mechanism designed in manual or powered.

Halyard Slider System; A specific track designed with locking grooves to put the halyard under tension without remaining on the winch or clutch.  

HS Slider Car; Designed for yachts with a batten system for the mainsail, for low friction under load, the HS cars and sliders are less maintenance than ball-bearing systems.

Roller Cleat; A folding and rotating design aimed to make tie-off neat and secure. Winner of the Pittman Innovation Award in 2015.

Rings; The first to be on the market with anodised aluminium low friction rings in a series of 6 sizes.

Line Hook; An openable ring design with a Dyneema snap loop. 

Snatch Block; An openable block designed with a revolving cheek and a ball locking system for safety. Attachment, accessories and variations are optional such as the Barber Block or a Snatch Looper Block.  

OPF Blocks; The "One Piece Frame" blocks include a complete range from sizes between 50mm to 140mm sheaves. From a single, double, triple, fiddle, becket block design with options for webbing or shackle connections. Spare parts and accessories are optional. 

Tulip Sheave; A sheave with a self-captive design aimed at increasing SWL angles.

Available from our online warehouse; SailForce and our retailer; TASKERS in South Fremantle, WA. 

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