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2019 Pittman Innovation Award

SAIL Magazine 2019 Pittman Innovation Award Winner  

Antal Sailforce QR Clutch

Antal QR Quick Release Clutches

Who hasn’t just wanted to pop open a clutch on, say, a jib halyard or A-sail tack line and then let it run without having to first take the load off with a winch? Well, now you can with Antal’s exquisite new QR clutches.


Double V-Grip Design Antal Sailforce

Central to each clutch’s ability to safely release a line under maximum load is a proprietary locking system employing two opposing V-shaped wedges. This, in turn, creates a four-sided grip that provides a wide grip surface and results in less line wear, higher holding power and the ability to release a line without damage (as well as handle smaller lines sizes for the same clutch weight).

QR Clutch Antal Sailforce

After the clutch handle is closed, the line will continue to run free until a small locking switch immediately above where the line tail exits the clutch is engaged, at which point the clutch’s locking system engages the line again.

Available from our online warehouse; SailForce and our retailer; TASKERS in South Fremantle, WA. 

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Thank you to the judges Adam Cort, Matt Wise and Gerry Douglas.  

2019 Pittman Innovation Awards Sail magazine

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