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Barber Block Deck Ring Low Friction Rings Multi-Ring Organiser

Since the rigging innovation that has moved deck gear fittings From Steel to Textile, Antal has continued to innovate and manufacture designs based on Low Friction Rings and Soft Shackles.

Originally developed to replace blocks and attach to soft connections, the Low Friction Rings have so much to offer in terms of onboard solutions; from a Lazy Jack to a furling lead, these rings are a universal product. 

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Antal Low Friction Rings SailForce Australia

From 7mm to 38mm, the six models have a Safe Working Load from 400kg to 10,000 kg; simple, lightweight and durable. The rings feature low-friction composite materials with rounded curves and no sharp edges; continue the discussion with Antal.

After having had success with the Low Friction Rings, the Italian engineers have continued to innovate and integrate LFR to onboard accessories.   

Antal Hardware on Deck from SailForce in Australia

The Multi-Ring Organiser; multiple rings aligned side-by-side derived into a line organiser from your clutch. 

The Deck Ring; single or double wide size rings transformed into a fairlead for 1 or 2 lines.  

The Barber Block; a snatch block redesigned with a low friction ring head allowing better height control.  

For extra information and the original sources visit Antal

All products discussed are available from www.sailforce.com.au or in Fremantle, Western Australia. 


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