Antal Block Range

With sheave sizes from 30mm to 250mm, we can help you find the correct block for your solution. 

The Antal block range includes;

  • Mini Stainless Steel Blocks for 6mm lines or 8mm lines
  • One-Piece-Frame Blocks 50mm to 140mm sheaves (Ideal for mainsheets)
  • XXL Composite Fibre Series Blocks 150mm to 250mm sheaves 
  • Dyneema "Looper" Series of OPF blocks 60mm to 140mm sheave range
  • "Classic Look" Stainless Steel Blocks 65mm to 180mm sheave Range
  • Mast sheaves/blocks for 8mm to 20mm lines
  • Halyard blocks 45mm to 180mm sheaves
  • Tulip series single sheave 45mm to 110mm diameter
  • Mainsail fitted block; clew or reef
  • Snatch Blocks to 150mm sheave Range
  • Twin-Halyard-Blocks from 8mm to 16mm line
  • High-Load-Blocks Antal lightest and strongest OPF
  • Replacing just the sheave; Roller or Ball bearing sheave?

If unsure, give me a call.