Antal Clutches Range

To help guide you through our range; Antal makes 7 different models, lines from 6mm to 22mm. 

Antal's specialty is the V-Grip system which has pressure on 3 sides, hence distributing a load of pressure evenly on your line when the lever is closed, meaning preventing the load from being concentrated at a critical point on the line.   

Antal's clutch range includes:

  • Flat CAM 611 6mm to 10mm lines
  • V-Cam 611 6mm to 8mm lines
  • "Original" V-Grip Clutch 8mm to 16mm lines
  • V-Cam 814 8mm to 14mm lines
  • Plus & Maxi Series 10mm to 16mm lines and 22mm line 
  • Double V-Grip 
  • Quick Release Double V-Grip 10mm to 12mm line
  • Double V-Grip Jammer  8mm to 18mm line
  • DV Jammer remote control
  • Replacing parts or need a winch kit?

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